The Effects Of Erectile Dysfunction: Sexual Problems In Men

The Effects Of Erectile Dysfunction: Sexual Problems In Men

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get or keep a suitable erection for sex. While it is not common for men to have problems getting erections, ED should not be considered a normal condition. This is a warning sign that you may have a more serious condition such as atherosclerosis or heart disease. Your overall health and well-being will be improved if you can identify the source of your ED. You should always be aware that your heart health and sexual health are interrelated.

How does Erections dysfunction work

When sexual arousal occurs, nerves release chemicals which increase blood flow toward the penis. The penis contains two erectile compartments, made of spongy muscle tissue. The corpus cavernous room is not hollow. A spongy tissue in the corpus cavernous chamber relaxes during an erection and traps blood.

An erection occurs when the blood pressure in the chamber increases. An additional set of nerve signals reach a man’s penis when he has an orgasm. They cause the penis tissue to contract, blood is released back into his circulation, and the erection descends. The penis will feel soft and flabby when you aren’t sexually enamored. Men will notice that the penis size changes when there is warmth, cold, anxiety, or both. It reflects the blood flow to and from the penis. Kamagra 100 mg is a powerful medicine that can interact with other medications and conditions.


It is hard to have an erection strong enough to allow for sex when you have erectile dysfunction. If Erectile dysfunction becomes a problem that is persistent and bothersome, your primary physician or urologist may be able to help. Erectile dysfunction could be a warning sign that a man has a vascular problem. Research has shown that ED patients are at greater risk for heart attacks, strokes, and circulatory problems in their legs. Erectile dysfunction can also lead to affecting a person’s health or relationships, it should immediately be addressed. The treatment aims to improve or increase erectile function and support circulatory health. It also improves a man’s overall quality of life.


Emotional or mental issues can cause Erectile dysfunction, as well as health problems. These are some of the known risk factors for Erectile dysfunction :

  • Having high blood glucose
  • Having high blood pressure
  • Having heart disease
  • High cholesterol
  • Smoking
  • Too much alcohol or drugs
  • Being obese
  • Lacking exercise

Although Erectile dysfunction can become more common with age, it is not always a cause of ED. Some men are still sexually active even into their 80s. Early signs of a larger health problem such as ED may be a sign that you have a more serious condition. The first step in treating Erectile dysfunction is to find the source.

There are some emotional reasons that can lead to ED.

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship conflicts
  • Avoid stress at home and work
  • Stress due to social, religious, or cultural conflicts
  • Be concerned about your sex performance

What medicines can cause sexual dysfunction in men?

Certain prescription drugs and some over-the-counter medicines can affect sexual function. Some drugs may affect your ability to have an affair or get aroused. When a person is taking multiple medications, the risk of having sexual side effects rises. Sildenafil active ingredient has been extensively researched and tested.

Sex side effects have been reported for the following medications

Over-the-counter antihistamines, decongestants, and other medications can lead to erectile dysfunction. Mechanical assistance: Vacuum devices and penile implants can be helpful for men experiencing erectile problems. Although approved for use by women, a space device can also be used. However, it is more expensive. The vibrator can improve sexual pleasure and climax.

Sex therapy: Sex therapists are able to help those who have sexual problems that cannot otherwise be treated by their primary physicians. Therapists can be great marriage counselors. A trained professional can help couples start to enjoy their sexual relationship. Behavioral therapy: This covers a range of techniques including self-stimulation and insight into unhealthy behaviors.

Psychotherapy: Counseling with a trained counselor is a way to overcome sexual trauma, anxiety and fear, guilt, as well as poor body image. All of these factors can impact sexual function. Communication and education: Education regarding sex, sexual behaviors, and their responses can help to overcome sexual Erectile dysfunction concerns. It is important to communicate with your partner about all your concerns and needs. This will help you overcome many obstacles that can hinder a healthy sexual relationship.

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Simple lifestyle changes like quitting smoking and losing weight can help ease ED symptoms. For mild cases, these changes may be enough to solve the problem. In severe cases, these changes could improve the effectiveness of other medical options. All men with ED should consider these changes. They are good for heart health, longevity, and general health. When possible, adjust any medications that negatively affect erectile function.

When psychological factors are thought to be the main cause of ED–especially in men who are experiencing anxiety or depression–psychological counseling is mandatory. Because it is rare for ED to be fatal, and most patients have some psychogenic/related component to their sexual symptoms, it is worth consulting a qualified mental health professional.

Medical therapy may be necessary if the above-mentioned strategies fail to alleviate ED symptoms. A class of oral medications called phosphodiesterase-type 5 inhibitors is the simplest form of treatment. These drugs increase the effects on nitric dioxide, a natural compound in the body that relaxes penis smooth muscles, increasing blood flow and leading to an erection. These drugs are very reliable and safe. PDE5 is not recommended for men who consume nitrates. PDE5 is best used when it is administered in the correct time and with the proper dosage.

The use of a vacuum erection tool to aid in erection is another simple and non-invasive method for treating ED. These devices draw blood to the penis. A constricting ring at the base of your penis is then attached. The device is generally safe but you should not inflate it too much or leave the ring on too long. Both of these could cause harm to your penile.

How do you distinguish between Impotence & Sterility?

Subfertility may be caused by impotence. Natural conception is blocked, and infertility refers to inability of conceive naturally. The inability to erection is called impotence. However, the term “infertility”, can also be used to describe a broad range of conditions. Coop will be able, after impotence treatment is complete, to visualize if impotence was the main problem. It does not necessarily mean that your sperm counts are low. A low sperm count can lead to infertility.

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Simple lifestyle changes, such as smoking cessation, weight loss, and moderate but regular exercise often improve ED symptoms. In mild cases of ED, this change alone may be enough to resolve the problem. In more severe cases these changes may improve the effectiveness of available medical options.

When psychological factors are thought to be the main cause of ED—especially in men who are experiencing anxiety or depression—psychological counseling is mandatory. Consultation with a mental health professional with expertise in sexuality should be considered in all cases because this consultation is rarely harmful and most patients have some psychogenic or related component to their sexual symptoms.

When the above strategies prove insufficient to address Erectile dysfunction symptoms, medical therapy is warranted. The simplest treatment involves a class of oral medications called phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. These drugs increase the effects of nitric oxide, a natural molecule within the body that relaxes the smooth muscles of the penis, thereby increasing blood flow and resulting in an erection. These drugs are generally very safe and reliable. Men who use nitrates (found in some heart medications and some recreational drugs) should not use PDE5. Optimal use of PDE5 requires advice on timing and proper use of these drugs for maximum effect.

Another relatively simple, non-invasive treatment for ED involves the use of a vacuum erection device to help achieve an erection for intercourse. These devices work by drawing blood into the penis; a tight constricting ring is then placed at the base of the penis. Although generally safe, care should be taken not to overinflate the device and not leave the constriction ring on for too long as either of these can damage the penile.