Money-Back Guarantee

The team at offers 100% assurance on the products we sell. If the product we offer is damaged, doesn’t arrive on time, or is not accepted by the recipient, the customer can claim a full refund through our business. Our guarantee is based on a request-based contract, and once a customer has an incomplete order, the balance will be returned to the customer once a customer has requested proof.

kamagravelly when it comes to partial orders, charges by the items received by the customer. All transactions that begin with the placing of an order until the moment it reaches your doorstep are typically between 20 and 30 days.

If there is a delay or hold, or even the cancellation of the sender, an email notification is sent to the buyer. If no notice of this kind has been delivered, the buyer is recommended to contact us by submitting an email in the refund section to ensure that the issue of shipping our products is solved and handled promptly.