active ingredientSildenafil Citrate
indicationErectile Dysfunction
manufacturerAjanta Pharma Ltd
packaging4 Tablets in Strip
delivery time6 to 15 Days
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Kamagra 100 Mg
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What is Kamagra all about?

Kamagra is the drug sold as a treatment for erectile dysfunction, a severe ailment. It should only be taken with a prescription from a healthcare expert. Kamagra contains an active ingredient that is called Sildenafil Citrate. This very ingredient works in the same way as Viagra. It works by increasing the rush of blood flow to the penis of the patient. It also helps men to maintain an erection while having intercourse. That is the type of drug that belongs to a group of medicines famously called PDE 5 inhibitors. The doctor advises the patient to take medicine on an empty stomach or with a meal; it depends on the severity of the ailment. The medication usually takes approximately thirty minutes to an hour to work in full action. 

Which pharmaceutical company manufactures this drug?

The manufacturing unit is the unit where the mass production of the drug is done. The primary manufacturer of this drug is Ajanta Pharma Ltd. The company is also responsible for the overall distribution of this medicine across the country. 

What is the use of the Kamagra tablet?

The drug is prevalent in the form of a tablet, and it works by increasing the levels of Nitrates in the blood. It relaxes the blood vessels that supply blood to the penis and the surrounding areas. This medicine causes a sudden increase in the blood supply to that area, ultimately resulting in a better erection. This Pill action helps you maintain a hard erect penis suitable for sexual activity. The patient should only follow the doctor’s guidelines while taking this drug. The patient should take the medication at a specific time every day.

How does this medication work?

This medicine is prevalent in the form of a pill. This tablet has an enteric coating dissolved in the patient’s stomach. It starts acting shortly after some time. The patient faces the issue of erectile dysfunction as there is a limited blood supply to the penis. The blood flow to the penis can be stagnated for a while as the blood vessels narrow down because of the lack of blood supply. Due to this obstructed blood flow, the patient experiences great difficulty. The drug works by relaxing the blood vessels in the penis. He also increases the blood flow to the penis by releasing the obstructed blood flow. Thus, the blood flows with a greater force, and it helps the patient achieve an erection suitable for sexual activity.

How to take Kamagra pills?

Kamagra is a drug that is available in the form of pills. These pills contain an enteric coating. The healthcare expert might ask the affected patient to take this medicine as a whole and then take an entire glass of water. The patient should not crush the drug or break it into two. If the affected patient tries to overcome this pill, the integrity of the medicine is compromised, which ultimately makes the drug of no use to the patient. Hence the affected patient should consume it and drink water on that pill.

Dosages of Kamagra

A dose is the amount of drug the patient takes simultaneously. The healthcare expert in charge of the treatment also assigns the affected patient this dose depending upon the severity of the ailment. Mentioned below are some of the dosages of Kamagra-

Side effects of Kamagra Pills

The patient takes time to get accustomed to the side effects of this drug. The side effects that tend to persist do not require any medical attention, and they resolve themselves over some time. If the results of these medicines tend to be too strong to deal with, the affected patient should call the doctor and ask him for advice. Following are some of the significant side effects of this drug-

  • Headache
  • Nosebleeds
  • Muscle pain
  • Indigestion
  • Rash

When to avoid taking the drug

If the patient takes any pre-existing treatment, he should refrain from taking the drug. Two medicines could prove contradictory to each other and could affect the patient’s health in the worst way possible. 

Warning and precautions

The patient should take some precautions while taking the drug. It is crucial to stop taking the medication if the patient is taking an alcohol intake. If the patient is facing any ailments related to the kidney or liver, he should not take the drug. The patient should also refrain from taking the medication while driving. The drug might make the patient feel dizzy. Hence, it is not safe to take medicine before moving. The patient should also see that he does not overdose on the drug. Overconsumption of the drug might lead to specific harmful effects too. If there is a delay in taking the medication, the patient might experience withdrawal symptoms. 

Benefits of ordering online from Medicationvilla

There are several benefits of ordering the drug online from Kamagravelly. The drug is available at generic pharmaceuticals, but calling the drug online could give the patient lucrative discounts and offers, which could benefit him if he orders pills regularly. The online delivery of Medicationvilla is speedy. The patient will receive the drug before the stipulated period. The patient can also avail of a first-user discount. He can get a flat 20% on his first order. There is a customer care number and the patient can call the number to get the order’s details. The pharmaceutical also gives the patient a 30-day return policy for the tablet. If the drug is damaged or wrongly dispatched, the patient can return it within 30 days, and he will get a replacement. There are several benefits of ordering online from Medicationvilla.


1. Kamagra 100mg treats the ailment of erectile dysfunction.

2. The drug consists of an ingredient called Sildenafil Citrate.

3. The ingredient in this drug comes into action by increasing the blood flow to the penis. After it reaches the penis, it helps the patient get an erection, and it also helps him maintain it.

4. This type of medicine may be taken on an empty stomach. However, one should ask their healthcare expert regarding it. However, the drug can be more useful if taken with a meal.

5. The drug has negligible side effects, such as flushing, blurred vision and muscle pain.

6. This medicine is beneficial to the affected patients to increase the blood flow to the penis.

Storage instructions

This medicine is available as a pill with an enteric coating that dissolves in the stomach. The healthcare expert asks the affected patient to keep this pill in a dry place that is cool and away from 

moisture. If the drug is held under exposure to the sun, the molecular integrity of the drug is affected to a great extent. If the molecular potency of this drug gets compromised, this medicine will be of no use to the patient… It is essential to keep the medication in a place that is out of reach of children and pets. The drug should not be held under the sun.

General FAQ

Q: What happens if you forget to take the drug?

If the affected patient forgets to take even a single dose of this pill, he should take the following amount according to the schedule recommended by the healthcare expert. The patient should not take the same amount twice. He should stick to the drug’s initial dose and follow the doctor’s schedule.

Q: How does the drug work?

The drug is a PDE-5 inhibitor. This medicine shows its action by relaxing the blood vessels of the person who is affected by the ailment. The drug also suddenly increases the blood level so that it reaches the penis. When the blood comes from the penis, the patient gets an erection and can also maintain it.

Q: Is the medicine affordable?

This drug is manufactured by taking into account the economic background of people from all walks of life; hence, it is reasonable.



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