Terms and Condition

There aren’t any terms and conditions that are set by any member of the team employed by kamagravelly.com in connection with any purchase you make through the website.

Buyers must consult a physician prior to purchasing any medicine available on kamagravelly online. It is vital to keep an open conversation with your doctor in order to be given the most efficient and appropriate treatment to safeguard the customer.

The images on the website concerning an item are to serve as a reference and may differ from one product to another in each case.

The cost of the product that is listed on the site is in dollars. United States dollars.

The cost of the items that is listed below for each item may change if the seller makes a decision at their discretion.

kamagravelly reserves the right of cancellation of an order or denial of the service to customers without providing advance warning for the exact. If the customer already has an order, we’ll pay the entire amount.

The information provided for each medication is general. For the use of these medications it is recommended seeking advice from an expert in medicine prior to purchasing the medicine.

Kamagarvelly guarantees absolute privacy to every customer, by protecting that your personal details are kept private. The sole reason we collect information is to give our customers the most pleasant experience they ever experience.

Every person who buys medicines on our site is required to create an account by providing an email address as well as a first name. Reports can be filled using the shipping address as well as the payment method chosen by the customer.

Once a user is signed up, their account is confirmed with an email acknowledging the address they provided.


In kamagravelly, the user’s information is collected via SSL encryption, which safeguards the data you’re investing in your privacy. There is no way for anyone to enter and access the customer’s private details. Data such as card numbers or credit card numbers, etc. is kept inside the database, in encrypted format, and isn’t normally stored in the database of the website which ensures absolute security for the customers.

Feedback and Comments:

Our feedback pages on our site let our customers provide feedback on a specific product. You are also able to write a review of the policies we provide. Every email sent to us will be replied to quickly.

Shipping and policies:

Shipping costs are charged per order. The price per purchase is determined by the weight that is placed. The majority of orders take 10 days to reach their destination and should be made taking this into account.


The cost of shipping and customs are subject to change at any time. the prices shown have a variance and must be reviewed regularly. The packages are shipped via the residence, PO address, etc. Military mails typically take longer due to the complicated processing of their letters. Shipping of every order takes two days.

Delivery address:

The address provided in the purchase made through Kamagravelly will likely to be the default address. The speech can be changed when you check out when a choice is made to confirm the speech being delivered. The message that is delivered differs from the entire order and the duration of the purchase. The medications provided through Kamagravelly have a generic. Kamagravelly usually does not suffer from issues with the latest drugs, and the medications offered are extremely generic.

Delays due to Customs:

kamagravelly will not be held accountable for delivery delays in the event that it is imposed by your government of your country. The delivery service in your country is not within the control of kamagravelly. If the order does not delivered within 7 days after the delay, a refund or reshipment will be done to us only in the case of a complaint.

Customs Charges:

There is a possibility to settle Customs fees according to the rules and regulations your government has set. This policy on payment is not applicable on Kamagravelly and is solely your responsibility as well as that of Your Customs Department of your country.